Tier 1: $100

Includes up to 2 images

1 revision

Author provides link to stock images from DepositPhotos or Adobe Stock

Tier 2: $140

Includes up to 3 images

2 revisions

Includes extra effects for a more professional, eye-catching look

Tier 3: $200

Includes unlimited images

Unlimited revisions

Includes extra effects for a more professional, eye-catching look

Includes one promotional graphic of cover


Print Cover: $40

Audiobook Cover: $20

3D Boxed Set Renders: $20

Typography: $25

Social Media Graphic: $20 ea.

Series / Set Covers: 10% discount (must be ordered in full)


  • Tier 1 is great for simple covers that only require a few layers. For example: a model on a background with text.
  • The more layers required, the more images are purchased and the more time we need to spend compositing everything together. If we need to arrange multiple models or objects on the cover this would then require Tier 2. Tier 2 is useful for genres like Sci-Fi or Paranormal, where the model chosen sometimes requires extra photomanipulation or skin effects.
  • Tier 3 is required when three or more models are needed on the cover, or many layers, images and special effects are required to create the cover you have  in mind. Tier 3 opens up more time and layers than we could possibly need to really make your covers pop and draw the eye like some of our covers that are on many of Amazon’s Top 100 Bestseller lists! If you want a highly polished cover, this is the Tier for you!


  • All prices are in USD.
  • 48 hour turnaround time; the date you book is the date work begins on your cover – you will receive the cover at least 48 hours from that date.
  • Full payment upfront is required for Tiers 1 and 2 before work is begun; 50% upfront is required for Tier 3 before work is begun, the remaining 50% to be paid once work is completed.
  • You will receive a JPEG file sized at 2000x3000px (for e-books). If a different size and/or additional sizes are required, please let us know.
  • PSD files are not included in the cover purchase, however they can be acquired for a fee. Some text layers and/or image layers may be flattened prior to receipt of the PSD file.
  • Refunds are only offered in extreme circumstances or if work has not yet begun on the cover.